About Us

Our Story

Primal Suds is a small business started from a bedsit in Southampton by us, Andrew and Jen, out of a slow cooker turned soap maker back in 2017.

Today it’s still a small business run and staffed by a team of two (us) but we are lucky enough to produce and run everything from our production unit in the New Forest.

Ok, that’s the boring part out of the way, let’s get to the tragic X-factor style turnaround story then shall we, stick some Coldplay on and get comfy. 

Sometimes in life the right people come along at the right time, this couldn’t be truer than when we met. 

Jen was a victim of domestic violence spanning twenty years and Andrew affected by years of stressful work as a chef had (to put it politely) a little bit of a drink problem. To cut a long story very short, Jen ended this negative narcissistic prolonged situation with a move to a Southampton women's refuge, where she in turn helped Andrew get and stay sober. 

During the recovery process we took some time out, got healthy (physically and spiritually) learnt to make soap inspired by nature, with ecological and biological standards at the core. 

We didn’t fancy going back to our old lives or careers so we turned our soap making recovery hobby into a business, five years on we’re still here, enthusiastic as ever and proud to be a part of the eco movement, helping to fix the planet with small but positive important changes.