Are your products vegan friendly and cruelty free? 

Yes, 100% 

How long is the shampoo transition phase & is there any tips? 

Sure. A tip is to use an acidic rinse, this can be either Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice, diluted 1:4 (Four being the water element) This should be done after shampoo has been rinsed out, massage through hair, leave for a few minutes & rinse. 

The transition phase can be made worse if adding other synthetic products to hair, hard water areas, pool swimming or anything that will unbalance the PH towards alkalinity. 

Unfortunately there is no specific time on the transition phase, it could be not at all or several weeks. Just hang in there, get a hat, keep doing the rinse & if all else fails get a Job Lot.

Are the soaps suitable for the whole body, including my face? 


Are all products gender neutral? 


Are the shampoo and soap products ok for beards? 

Yes, all good. 

How does box deal work

See boxed-off-deal

Do you ship out of the UK? 

Unfortunately we don’t anymore, sorry. Due to the unreliability of international post these days, we do not want to disappoint, so we are UK only. 

How do I store my suds? 

As with all good quality artisan soap, drying out between uses is imperative to maximise suds life longevity. We recommend some sort of dish or mini soap ladder for this.