Scandleless Melts

Our new range of handmade rapeseed wax melts and candles and ceramic wax and oil burners.


*Put the wax melt(s) into the top of the Cactus / Mini Chiminey.
*Put candle in the hole and spark up.
*Enjoy hours of Primal Suds aroma.

Safety first kids, NEVER leave a candle unattended and always have a responsible adult around.
Always use your wax burners/melts and candles away from anything flammable and in a safety area.
Remember, stay safe and always safety first.

Please note, if using with the cactus burners, skull melts will need to be cut before melting. 

Cactus Arms Wax Melts

ABOUTHandmade rapeseed wax melts, shaped like a cactus with arms, scented with Aloe, Cucumber & Bergamot fragrance oils. You'll just need one of t...

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Dead 'Eds Mini Wax Melts

ABOUTHandmade mini skull shaped rapeseed wax melts, come in a pack of 10. Depending on the size of your burner, or how strong you like your scent, pop...

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Cactus Wax Burner

ABOUTCactus shaped ceramic wax/oil burnerComes either on it's own or with a choice of a 5 bag of Cactus Arms Melts, or the Little Prick Cactus Melts -...

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Dead 'Eds Wax Melts

ABOUTHandmade skull shaped rapeseed wax melts, five colours and scents to choose from.Just pop one of these in the top of your wax burner for hours of...

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Mini Chiminey Wax Burner

ABOUT'Mini Chiminey' Wax Burner - don't be fooled by the name, its not that mini, it just rhymed with chiminey, so we went with it....a smaller versio...

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